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Maiden is an inspiring personal story of how Tracy Edwards, a modest 27-year-old, took a yacht and the first all-female crew ever to race round the globe through storms and savage seas. This is a book about great courage, great endeavour and extraordinary determination. This is also the inside story of how as just a 22-year-old with no boat, no crew, no sponsorship and no support, Tracy raised over a million pounds, rebuilt a yacht, recruited 11 women as crew, became the first woman to win the prestigious Yachtsman of the Year Award - and beat the rest of the male international yacht racing world at their own game. In her dramatic Race diary, Tracy relates the triumphs and the traumas of skippering (and navigating) Maiden on a challenge extending over nine months and 33,000 miles of the world's toughest oceans. Maiden gets to the heart and soul of a great race and an intrepid woman. A woman who had a dream - and realised it; who faced fear and danger - but conquered them; who proved her courage to the world - but more than that - proved it to herself. Tim Madge first met Tracy Edwards M.B.E., in 1987 when he was working for the Guardian. By 1990, when this bestselling book was first published, Madge had travelled over 80.000 miles following his co-author around the world as the Race, and the story, unfolded. He is married with two sons and lives in Buckinghamshire.

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