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Are we winning? XXVII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference - Camp Nou, Barcelona, 2nd/3rd/4th June 2018.

Since 1992, Isokinetic Medical group has been organising the International Conference on Sport Rehabilitation and Traumatology.

This event has become a landmark globally for all  those who deal with Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation.

The conference is the largest gathering of football medicine and science in the world.

Bringing together an outstanding selection of internationally recognised experts in Football Medicine and Sport Medicine, to share their knowledge and expertise in a wide range of current concept and research areas.

The aim is, to communicate and get to know each other, and form a global network.

The XXVII International Conference on Sports Rehailitation and Traumatology, now named "Isokinetic Medical Group Conference", is dedicated to the topic of Football Medicine Outcomes.

We are fully convinced that thinking in terms of mesaurable outcomes pushes our collective amition for the better recovery of patient injiuries.

- What is the real impact of our player care work for the footballers of the world?
- What are the outcomes of prevention, surgery and conservative management?
- Are we ready and really able to measure outcomes?

These are some examples of the question that we will pose to the faculty and actively promote discussion in open debates and forums during the conference.
The aim is to give to the attendee a wider vision; one which can help to be successful in her/his career. We try to do this by sharing the expertise and knowledge that has taken those individual practitioners and professionals at the top of Football Medicine and Science.

This is in accordance with the mission of the Isokinetic Medical Group's Conference, which is "to inspire the International Sport Medicine community, through culture, image, atmosphere and organisation, to give their best to improve the health of the world".

The conference is, above all, an opportunity for discussion and represents an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences. Therefore, in this book, in addition to the abstract of most of the invited speakers sent to us before the conference, we have inserted all the abstracts that have been accepted for free oral communications, poster presentation and workshops.

We are confident from previous experience of edition of this International Conference that this volume will further feed the debate on Football Medicine Outcomes, and we thank all the Authors who contributed to the realisation of this book.